TANG Ying Chi  鄧凝姿                                            

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In this exhibition, Tang Ying Chi produces an installation work on ‘Princess Changping’ in which colours from white, yellow, orange to red are selected to reflect a mixed feeling of ‘paleness’ and ‘glorification’. The work is further embedded with images of the main characters by various performers and painted images of street people to bring back the classic back to our everyday life.


在是次展覽,鄧凝姿為「帝女花」製作了一件以白、黃、橙及紅色為主、表現「蒼白」及「榮美」混合感覺的裝 置作品;曾參與主要角色的不同表演者形像、及街上的人的繪畫圖像也一併展示,為了把此經典作品帶回日常生活中。