TANG Ying Chi  鄧凝姿                                            

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This is a community participatory project in which community centre and schools were invited to participate. Artist and the project team has spent some time to meet the members of the institutions and finally install a life-size stickers at the open space of the institution.

Let's take a photo: Street people @ different locations, Curated by Yu Kei Kei, from 2013 -

6. Street people @ St. Peter's Secondary School, June 4, 2014 -

5. Street people @ Tung Wah Group Jockey Club Rehabilitation Centre, May 21 -

4. Street people @ Pao Chiu Catholic Secondary School, March 25, 2014-

3. Street people @Hong Kong Christian Service Times Nursery School,Jan8-June 8, 2014.

2. Street people @CCC Ming Kee College, Dec 11, 2013-Jan 8, 2014.

1.Street people @JCCAC, Nov. 25 2013 - Jan1, 2014.